My art is always a search for new things, new horizons, new ways of painting, new laws of what you can and cannot do in art. It is no easy way, but perhaps that is why it is so exiting.

My “realistic pictures”(still life, landscape. portrait) provide an inexhaustible material about The World, Nature and Reality.My “fantasy pictures” are a travel into my inner world.

But no matter how much you look out into the world, you still look into yourself – in this way, the two directions meet.

Vladimir Voronin


Vladimir Voronin

member of:

• BKF, the Danish Association of Visual Artists
 • DBS, the Danish Skulptors Association
 • DBF, Danish Visual Artists Union
 • The artist group in memory of
   Bertel Thorvaldsen ‘18th November’
 • VAK, Vestsjælland’s working art studios

Born in Russia in 1960, has been living in Copenhagen since 1992
1977-83 Master Degree from the E. Baumann Academy, Moscow
1984-88 Studies under Tatjana Schwarz, ‘School of Modern Art, Moscow
1986-88 Philosophy studies at Moscow University
1988-89 Studies at ‘Surichov Academy of Fine Art’ Moscow